Facilitating Patient Management

Empowering Patients

Connecting Patients and Healthcare Professionals

The patient is in the center of the treatment process. The patient is primarily responsible for his/her own health. Healthlord empowers the patient to take more active role in the care for his health as well as in the treatment process.

An empowered patient, his active involvement in the treatment process and good communication with a healthcare professional are among key factors for successful treatment outcomes.

On the other hand, we help healthcare providers to better manage their working processes with an added value. We connect healthcare providers between each other and provide them a platform to efficiently execute and promote their health services.

Healthlord - the key to optimize and increase healthcare providers revenue.


Healthlord brings many sinergies and benefits to a healthcare provider in various aspects. In general we cover the following areas:

  1. Healthcare provider identity promotion
  2. Healthcare services promotion
  3. Connection with other healthcare providers
  4. Efficient patient management
  5. Quality indicators
  6. Increased revenue